Friday, 17 May 2013

Round Two: The Image

Welcome to the party. We're getting close to building time and it's about time to get this cart rolling to the finish line. Materials will be purchased this tomorrow and we will be building the scaffolding for the cart this weekend. Upon secondary consideration we have chosen to replace the parquet table top with something simpler. The IKEA Furuskog table. The most awesome table that could ever be designed by a Swiss person and bought by a couple Canadians from an independent retailer.

Let the experimentation begin.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Round One: The Sketch

Welcome to three-piece. This blog will document the collaborative efforts of Matt Peddie, Wes Wilson and Mike Taylor in our journey toward creating the most bad-ass food cart the world has ever known.

After our first meeting we have elected to modify the design of the cart to create an easier method of construction and more thoughtful way to present the title of the restaurant. The exterior skin of the food cart will be canvas or a similar translucent material. This canvas will be stretched over a series of 2x2 wooden frames and attached to a substructure made up of 2x4 wood construction. For the table top we intend to strip and refinish a parquet floor to create a recycled table top by turning the parquet "pieces" on their sides and creating a running bond pattern that will be sanded and refinished to look butcher block fresh.

We have been researching solar bleach lanterns and hope to achieve a similar result through the aid of high powered LED lights attached to batteries. The intent is to create a more conservative minimal design throughout the day that evolves into a glowing box of awesomeness at night. 

Renderings will be up soon.